Attendance, Gradebook & Other Questions

Attendance Questions: 

What is the difference between an AE and an A in attendance? 

An A stands for an absence, and AE is an excused absence. T is tardy and D is dismissed. 

My child has an SE or an SI on their attendance, what does this mean? 

SE stands for an external suspension. SI stands for an internal suspension. 

Gradebook Questions: 

Why can I see assignments for my middle school child, but not my elementary child? 

Both middle and high school teachers use an online gradebook that allows you to see your student’s assignment grades. At this time, elementary schools have a different grading scale that is not online. However, you will be able to see the trimester grades. 

How many years of my child's grades can I see ? 

Grades are available since spring of 2009 for elementary. If your child is in middle or high school, you should be able to see as many grades back as the student has been in the Manchester School District for middle and high school grades. 

Why doesn’t  the quarter average I see in the Portal match the grade my student receives on a report card? 

Now that the Family Portal is operational, parents/guardians can examine their student’s attendance and assignment grades on a regular basis. This data will be accurate except for the CALCULATED QUARTER GRADE in the Portal. The reason for this is simple; since the 2009-2010 school year, a high school student’s grades in the Manchester School District are based on the competency average of the course and not the category average that is indicated in the Portal. See the high school websites for more detail. 
Until the computer code of Portal is updated to include competency information, there will be a difference in the average you see in the Portal and the average you see on a transcript or report card

Other Aspen Questions: 

Why can't I see my child's IEP under Ed Plans ? 

They are not online at this time within the system. 

How do I set my calendar preferences? 

You will click on the top tab for calendar and then click the side tab for preferences. You can select different colors for different students or classes. When you look at the calendar, the colors will show what you want to see at at a quick glance. For instance, if you have all Jimmy’s classes are blue and Janie’s classes are red, when you look at the calendar, you will know the blue assignments are Jimmy’s right away without having to read them.